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Press Release: Brollyca Web LLP launches E-Commerce Website for Genuine Car & Bike Accessories (01/01/2016)

By: Brollyca Web LLP

Brollyca Web LLP is pleased to announce the successful launch of its E-commerce portal dedicated to Automotive (Car/Bike) owners. The site has started off with a range of categories, from Dressers & Cleaners to Fragrances.

The current industry is flooded with fake and copy products and to counter that Brollyca Web LLP has come up with www.FlyBHP.com which promises to deliver only genuine brands. Which also means that the company is taking complete responsibilities of the products being sold. This will help the buyers get a relief from the fake products that they have been shopping lately.

Brollyca Web LLP is also confident of the current e-commerce model they have adopted. www.FlyBHP.com primarily focuses on Car/Bike Care products, Accessories required in the Interior of the car, or Exterior of the car, Car Perfumes, and Accessories for Bikes. However, the company has an aim to reach out to customers with spare parts in the near future.

The major brands Brollyca Web LLP is able to deliver at this moment are: 3M, Formula 1, Waxpol, Meguair’s, My Shaldan, Godrej, Dr Marcus and more. However, they are confident of adding new products, categories, and brands in the near future.